Tuesday, 26 August 2008


There are many terms that I use during blogs and discussions of these issues. This is my attempt to account for them.

"Logic farts" - a term referring to false-logic, or logical fallacies.

"Frappercrackers" - when something is so hilariously absurd, normal words cannot express.

"Frappercakes" - those people that make us laugh with their"frappercracker" claims

"Pseudoscience" - the use of scientific sounding words without any underlying scientific reasoning or basis in order to sound convincing even when the argument is hollow. For example; Activia yogurt's "Bifidus Digestivum"

"Word-Salad" - a term psynomynous with pseudoscience. It is when someone rambles on while using technical sounding words either when there's no need to, or when the words don't apply, or the use of the words is a comission of the "begging the question" fallacy.

"Gobbledygook" - an argument with so little coherence it's not even an argument. The person didn't think about anything in particular and vaguely rambled about some topic that apparently (though only apparent to them) applied.

"Hoaxers" - my adoring reference to those who believe the official story to be a hoax, especially when it's obviously not (for example, the moon landing)

"Landers" - a similar term used specifically for those who believe Apollo 11 landed on the moon (to be specific, i'm glad to say that includes most people)

"Fundies" - people who are fundamentally religious, who try to verify or falsify scientific claims/statements/arguments/opinions with spiritual texts/arguments.

"Sheeple" - a derogatory term used by conspiracy theorists to describe everyone that does not share their opinion, as being part of the "deluded masses of sheep"

"Modern Day Prophets" - anyone in the modern world who is making claims about conspiracies or aliens or whatever, as if from an authoritative position. Their claims need no basis, their claims are justified by themselves. Their words are unshakable, immutable truth. You will never find where these people get their information from, because they are the source of their information.

These are terms that I will be using from time to time, mostly out of jest.

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Eugene said...

I suggest trademarking "Frappercrackers" and "Frappercakes" ASAP!